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I spent many years writing and wordsmithing for a living.  And while I love to write, there is something very liberating about making a visual statement rather than struggling to find words. It is also refreshing not to have to explain or defend the work. It simply speaks for itself and each viewer has a unique reaction based on his or her own life experience and aesthetic. 

Much of my work has to do with objects that are pleasing to the eye because they appeal to the instinctive attraction that we all share to symmetry and asymmetry, positive and negative space, curve and line, and, of course, contrast. I also focus on the human face and form, exploring how we see and relate to each other and our environment. My favorite media are glass and clay.

In creating glass pieces, I use a variety of techniques, each of which offers unique possibilities. I fuse and slump sheet glass, stringers, rods, and frit to create plates, drop-out-mold bowls, and "paintings" in glass. I use lost wax casing techniques to create solid glass sculpture. Using pate de verre (paste of glass) techniques, I create delicate, almost paper-thin sculptures. I also pull my own murrine  (cross-sections of cane glass with pattens in the center) and use it to create wall hangings, sculpture, bowls, and plates. 

Most of my clay pieces involve human faces and their myriad expressions which provide a never-ending source of enjoyment and discovery. Not surprisingly, I am especially fond of masks. 

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